Dental Fillings in Renton, WA

Dental Filling is a procedure that helps to restore a tooth damaged to decay. The dental filling material is used to fill the holes created by the cavities. It also repairs the cracked and chipped teeth in the mouth. 4th and Morris Dentistry provides dental filling treatment to the patients through ideal treatment planning.

Advantages of Dental Filling

  • The dental filling is a quick treatment that requires only one appointment at the dentistry.
  • The treatment is durable and lasts over ten years on proper dental care.
  • It provides structure to the tooth and supports the tooth.
  • Dental Filling enhances the aesthetic appearance of the person.
  • The treatment improves the functionality of the tooth.

The Procedure of Dental Filling

Before the dental filling procedure, the patient has to go through an oral checkup, which helps the dentist analyze the patients' dental condition. The patient can choose the material they require for the filling through the dentists' recommendations. The varieties include gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resin, or tooth-colored plastic. If the patient requires tooth-colored filling for their damaged tooth, they're provided a shade card.  An appropriate color that resembles the natural tooth can be chosen for the filling.

The tooth is cleaned and dried before the procedure begins. The dentist starts the treatment by providing anesthesia to the patient. It helps to avoid discomfort caused to the patient throughout the procedure. A drill is used to remove the decay from the infected teeth. The cavity is cleaned and the dentist starts filling the hole using the material of choice. The dentist polishes the tooth to give the final restoration. 

Aftercare for the Filled Tooth

The dentist advises the patients to brush and floss their teeth regularly. The patients have been prescribed fluoride toothpaste which provides better care for the filled tooth. Regular dental visits help to keep the teeth clean through the dental cleaning process. It also helps to maintain better oral hygiene by removing the buildup of plaque in the mouth. 

The dental filling is a dental procedure chosen by most patients to repair the decayed tooth. It is an affordable treatment that provides long-lasting outcomes to the patients.


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