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Dental Exams are a crucial part of dental check-ups, which helps to analyze oral diseases. It helps to identify the causes and treat them immediately. Dental Cleaning is an oral procedure that removes the build-up of plaque and tartar from the mouth. It is a process that helps to avoid gum diseases. At 4th and Morris Dentistry, the patients are provided dental exam facilities and cleaning services with the help of efficient dentists.

Advantages of Dental Exams

  • The dental exams show signs and symptoms of various oral diseases.
  • It shows the accumulation of plaque in the mouth.
  • The exams help to detect early-stage oral cancer. 
  • Bad breath and infections can be analyzed through dental exams.
  • It helps to detect gum diseases and treat them immediately. 

Advantages of Dental Cleaning

  • Dental cleaning eliminates the buildup of plaque in the mouth.
  • The process removes the stain on the teeth and provides a polished look.
  • It provides fresh breath to the patients. 
  • Dental Cleaning reduces the chances of dental emergencies. 

How is a Dental Exam Performed?

Most dental exams are performed with the help of digital imaging systems. It helps to provide X-Rays of the parts of the mouth, which can be used for better analysis of the dental condition. Dental Exams help to view what cannot be seen through a routine dental check-up. It shows the alignment of the teeth and the soft tissues in the mouth. 

The lymph glands can also be examined using digital images, which clearly show signs of oral diseases. It helps to diagnose the diseases and shows the changes caused by the treatment provided by the dentists. 

The dentists begin the procedure by providing a mouthwash to the patient. After washing the mouth, the patient is asked to sit on the treatment chair. The dentists use a tool named scaler to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from the gum lines. An Ultrasonic Vibrating device loosens the tartar, which is cleaned off with a gush of water. 

A mouth mirror is used to find any remaining plaque in the inside tooth. The dentist polishes the teeth after the cleaning, which results in bright and radiant teeth.


4th and Morris Dentistry, Dentist in Renton WA, is equipped with modern technologies that enable better treatment to the patients. Call at (425) 226-6227 and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about dental exams and cleanings. 


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