Botox & Dysport in Renton, WA

Patients suffering from frontal and glabellar rhytides can benefit from Dysport and Botox treatment. Dosages are usually suggested based on individual treatment plans for the treatment of frontal headaches. The physician will also prescribe the appropriate dosage of Botox or Dysport depending on your allergies, personal health, and other medical conditions.

How Does a Migraine Headache Develop?

Migraine headaches are frequently recurring and characterized by severe, pulsating pain. The headaches can last for several days and are debilitating. When people suffer from migraines, they often do not have the energy to work or enjoy leisure activities. It also takes time to recover. The recovery usually happens by staying in a dark, quiet room until the migraine episode alleviates.

An Introduction to Botox and Dysport

The use of Botox and Dysport to treat migraines is a recent development, and the FDA has approved it as a safe therapeutic muscle-relaxing treatment. Injections into particular regions around the eyes and temples are used in this therapy.

How Botox and Dysport Alleviate Migraines

When Botox or Dysport are administered, they relax muscles and reduce migraine pain and duration by stopping nerve impulses from entering the brain. In the case of "imploding" migraines, there is a squeezing or crushing sensation that moves inward while the pain intensifies. By relaxing these nerves during a migraine attack, Botox and Dysport can relieve acute pain triggered by the attack.

Are you A Suitable Patient for This Treatment?

Botox may be ideal for those who suffer from chronic migraines or Bruxism (grinding teeth). Those who suffer from migraine headaches that last for long may also be suitable for Botox treatments.

The Treatment, Duration, and the Procedure

As injections around the head and neck are administered to treat severe migraine attacks, migraine sufferers usually receive their treatment at intervals of around 10-12 weeks apart. Several injection cycles can last four to six months, although the effects can deteriorate over time, lasting up to eight to ten months in some people.


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