Propel Orthodontics in Renton, WA

Some people have crooked teeth. Straightening them possesses multiple benefits. And propel orthodontics treatment can help you in it. For more details and appointments, call us at 425-226-6227.

What is Propel Orthodontics?

Propel orthodontics transforms your crooked, toothy smile into a beautiful smile, thereby reducing cavities and enhancing chewing functionality, but this journey is not easy. Those who wear braces have to wear them for months and, at times, for years to straighten the teeth and acquire the smile they have been dreaming of. This orthodontic treatment period continues till the bone underneath breaks down resorbs and rebuilds again after relocating the tooth to a new required position.

The propel system is an innovative device that equips the dental braces treatment and helps in teeth straightening.

How does Propel Orthodontics work?

The propel is a battery-operated Vpro5 device that is appropriate for all kinds of dental braces, Invisalign (invisible teeth aligners), and retainers. The Orthodontists use this propelling device with its excellerator series that is handled with optimum control of speed and size.

The excellerator series in this advanced gadget consists of superior quality surgical steel for making micro-osteoperforations (MOPs) in the bone surrounding the teeth. The dentists consider factors like diameter, leading angle, length, thread pitch, and angle to make the MOP surrounding the teeth.

The pressure created by the braces loses the teeth, followed by the weakening of the alveolar bone. It enables teeth to move and come into the right position. The weakened bone is gradually reabsorbed and rebuilt to strengthen the teeth at the newly changed position. This entire process is known as remodeling. The propels, along with braces for a short time, weaken the jaw bone. Due to this, the breakdown of bone gets fastened, after which the teeth shifting occurs.

When your Orthodontic specialist makes a MOP or a minute hole with controlled depth using propel, it gives an inflammatory response stimulating the cells to break down the bone under the teeth. The propel enhanced teeth straightening process has multiple advantages:

i) Omits large drillings.

ii) The blades of propelling are biocompatible, so they do not get rejected by our body. Hence no side effects.

iii) You can continue to work after getting the perforations done with propel.

The best part is propelling enhances the fastening of the teeth shifting process by around 62%, which also reduces the orthodontic treatment period by about 50%.

Post-Treatment Care

Some irritations are bound to be there in the mouth for a few days. Slowly they will go away by taking a few precautions.

1) Abstain from having spicy and acidic food. When the acidic food touches the surface of MOPs, they irritate the treated areas and cause a delay in the healing process.

2) Keep your mouth clean and free from oral bacteria. Else, the microbial presence can enter the sensitive regions underneath by the holes made during propelling.


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