How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Mental Health?

Posted by 4th and Morris Dentistry on Oct 19 2021, 09:36 AM

Your mental health and oral health are closely intertwined. People with mental health issues are more likely to suffer oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. On the other hand, good oral health improves your overall health and can also improve your mental health. 

At 4th & Morris Dentistry in Renton, Washington, we go above and beyond to offer patients the best dental treatments and procedures that can boost their overall and mental health.

The Impact of Mental Health on Oral Health

Some coping behaviors, such as smoking, can harm your dental health. In addition, many persons suffering from mental health issues like depression may stop visiting the dentist altogether and also engage in or experience other difficulties related to their illness that impair their dental health, such as:

  • Poor Nutrition

You may not feel like eating if you suffer from worry, sadness, or mental health issues like depression. You may also consume an excessive amount of sweet snacks or beverages, which may help you feel better for a short period but can lead to tooth decay and cavities. 

Calcium levels may also be low in those who have poor nutrition or eating disorders. Calcium loss can weaken tooth enamel and expose your teeth to issues like decay.

  • Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you may avoid visiting the dentist regularly, which can lead to dental problems. On the other hand, dental anxiety affects many people, including those who do not have a mental health problem. 

  • Low Energy

You may feel fatigued and unmotivated if you suffer from depression or another mental health issue. You may find it difficult to do simple actions such as brushing and flossing your teeth. You may also be too exhausted to make meals, which may result in poor nutrition.

  • Pain

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression might make you more sensitive to pain. This can cause you to be afraid of going to the dentist and this can affect your oral health.

  • Alcohol, Smoking, and Other Drugs

If you suffer from mental health issues, you are more inclined to consume alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can cause oral health issues like gum disease and possibly oral cancer over time.

For more on how your oral health can affect your mental health, contact 4th & Morris Dentistry at (425) 226-6227 or visit us at 344 Morris Ave S, Renton, WA 98057. You can also schedule an appointment online for the best dental care and experience.

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